Our Story


I’m sure you already know there are a lot of diaper bags out there- ones that you see at the big box stores such as Target and Babies “R” Us.  The problem with those bags is they are designed by large corporations who make a backpack that is suitable for the masses. 

Their bags lack the pockets and features that you as a parent really need.  Not to mention they are made with the cheapest materials to save on costs- who really needs to save a few bucks when the zippers break in less than two months and your baby’s essentials spill all over the floor in the grocery store aisle (trust me, I’ve been there).

It seems that the only way to avoid that mess is to buy a designer diaper bag.  One that you know is built with the best materials and would stand up over time.  But not everyone wants to spend $200-$400 on a diaper bag when they could put that extra money to better use on clothing or let’s face it, more diapers.

My husband and I were in your shoes, looking for the right diaper bag and weren’t satisfied with the options available.  That is why we decided to create our own. 


The first years of our daughter’s life were amazing, we enjoyed watching her grow and learn every day (I won’t lie and say there weren’t any stressful times).  We needed a bag that could keep things organized and quick to find so we could keep our focus on our daughter.

We wanted to create the perfect bag- one that has all of the pockets you need.  Plenty of insulated pockets to fit both wide and narrow bottles, a changing pad and an accessible wipes case on the side pocket so you can change your baby’s diaper even while wearing the backpack (who wants to set their bag down on a dirty floor?), and a place to put mommy and daddy items such as keys, wallets, and even a laptop or tablet.  

We also realized that things get lost inside large backpack compartments so we’ve included two packing cubes so you can better organize clothing, diapers, or snacks.  We also included a waterproof sundry bag because no one likes scrambling around for a place to put dirty clothing. 

To solve the issue of zippers always breaking on generic diaper bags, we made this backpack with the best quality zippers available, YKK, which are the same ones found in your designer clothing (go ahead and look for the little “YKK” on your zipper pull).

My husband didn’t like how most diaper bags are feminine (his eyes always rolled when I asked him to carry our old diaper bags).  I knew that my husband and other dads would love an attractive but neutral design that looked like a normal backpack (I let them have that one little win).


That is why our backpack is truly the first diaper bag made just for you.  We understand your needs and created the best alternative to those cheap zipper-breaking-make-a-scene-at-the-grocery-store bags and those overpriced designer bags that you will only use for two years and have it disappear into your closet never-to-see-light-again.


P.S.- I know you will not regret giving us a try.  You can shoot us an email anytime if you have any questions or concerns with your backpack and we will make it right!